FAQ’sCategory: TimesheetI’m having an issue entering 7.5 hours for one day in the new interface for the Office Timer.
OfficeTimer Support Staff asked 3 years ago

1. Here’s my first attempt at entering the hours for my day, which is a start time of 7:30 and end time of 16:00 for an 8.5 hour day. The total comes up as 8 hours, with 30 minutes less.

2. My second attempt was to remove 30 minutes from my day, so a start time of 8 and end time of 16:00 for an 8 hour day. The total for the day now matches, as 30 minutes was not removed.

3. My third attempt was to split my time between AM and PM to try and get 7.5 hours. This did not work either for 30 minutes was removed from my total.

Please advise as to how I can enter 7.5 hours into the OfficeTimer timesheet.

1 Answers
OfficeTimer Support Staff answered 3 years ago

Please check and send feedback.