FAQ’sHow to Unsubmit the Timesheet?
kiran kumar Staff asked 5 years ago

Marc Chouinard made a mistake on his timesheet for last week.

I deleted the timesheet as I always do for mistakes.

The timesheet is now locked and he cannot enter the missing data.

Please look into this and advise accordingly.

1 Answers
kiran kumar Staff answered 5 years ago

You have deleted the time Entries from Time Entry Archive, so that the approved/submitted entries in timesheet are deleted but the block on the timesheet will be present due to approved Leave Types are present in timesheet. 

There will be one option to unblock the timesheet by changing the status of approved leave to submitted leave (leave balance will be auto adjusted once you change the status from approved to submitted)

Please follow below proceedure to unblock the Timesheet so that user can enter his time entries. 

Go to Time Entry Archive select week timesheet of Marc click on show 

Click on Edit will displays with two options Update/Edit as shown in below screenshot. 

Deselect the check box and click on Update as shown in above screen.

Please do this process for another leave type, so that the state of Approved leave will be changed to submitted. 

Now the Timesheet will be unblocked to enter the time entries. 

But now User has resubmit the Time-off Request which was changed to Submitted Status otherwise the submitted Time-off Request by this method will not goes to the Approver.

At User Level, go to My Time-off Page, 

Click on Edit as shown you will be displayed with Time-off Detialed Page as shown.

By doing Update on the already submitted leave (changed the status from Time Entry Archive) will generate a approval at the approver. 

Please do same process for another leave type so that Time-off  Request of Marc will be seen at approver.
Enter the Timesheet which was unblocked after doing this process.