FAQ’sHow to Reset the Time Off Policy for individual ?
sri Staff asked 5 years ago

I am unable to reset our Time Off. Every time I try to reset it, it still shows hours consumed last year. Can you please reset the Holiday hours  for Amelia and Richard to showing consumed 1 day and 9 days remaining for 2019?

Also for Richard and Ameila, can you get it to show 0 consumed days for Paid Time Off for 2019??


1 Answers
sri Staff answered 5 years ago

Follow below steps to Reset the Policy. 

1.  Please update the Time off Policy None from the TimeOff/Leave Policy in Employee Edit  and click on Update as shown. 

2. Now go to TimeOff/Leave Policy Page of Employee click on Reset Policy.

3. Once you reset the policy as shown in above screenshot go to employee edit and update the time off policy of selected one. Now you are not able to see the consumed hours.