FAQ’sHow to do Copy Timesheet from other week & how to activate the project which are deleted ?
kiran kumar Staff asked 5 years ago

Questions about OfficeTimer:

1)      Can you copy all the time from one project to another once it has been approved?

2)      Can you re-activate a project that has been deleted?

–        I create a new project with a new name and deleted the old project but I really want to rename the project so now I have 2 projects with the same information.

–        If I could vhane the deleted project from “deleted” to “active” I could just rename it and the delete the new project I created.


1 Answers
kiran kumar Staff answered 5 years ago

1.  You can copy the timesheet of saved, submitted and approved from the Copy Timesheet Icon which is at the left corner of My Timesheet Page. Click on Copy Timesheet and select Timesheet Icon, so that calendar will be seen, pick the date of week start day of which week you are suppose to copy to current week.  Please refer below screenshot. 

By selecting the Date from calendar, the time entry records of selected week will be entered in the current week page, then save the timesheet, If you want to make any modification in hours do it and click on submit. 

2.  Yes, you can re-activate the projects which are deleted, go to Projects (Master Data–>Project), please select the deleted projects from filter as shown in the below screenshot. 

Click on Deleted option  as highlighted in above screenshot so that you will be displayed with all deleted project List. Please refer below screenshot.

As shown in above screenshot you will be displayed with all deleted projects, make TRUE(check) on the projects you need to re-activate and click on Undelete (highlighted), so that the deleted projects will be re-activated.