FAQ’sHow to add Project types ?
kiran kumar Staff asked 4 years ago

I would like to add a new Project and would like to add a new Project Type but am unable to. The new Project Type I would like to add is called “Miscellaneous”. How to I do this?



1 Answers
kiran kumar Staff answered 4 years ago

Create a Project Type called Miscellaneous in the Project Type module and you can see the created Project Type in the Project Creation Page under Project Type Field.¬
Go to Project Types (Advance Settings–>Project Types) as shown below

Click on Project Types you will be displayed with the Project type list, Click on Add New you will be scrolled down to Project Type add page where you can add new project type. Please refer below screen. 

Once you done with the adding of Project type, go to Project creation page (Add Project) ¬†and you can find newly added project type in the project type field dropdown.¬