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  • how can I be able to enter time for workers in office timer?

    FAQ’sCategory: Timesheethow can I be able to enter time for workers in office timer?
    OfficeTimer Support Staff asked 4 years ago


    I just need the foreman to be able to enter time for his workers. Once his time is entered, I can go in an approve the time. How Is this possible in Office Timer?

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    OfficeTimer Support Staff answered 5 years ago


    Though your individual employees do not need to access the system you will still have to create a user id for each of the employee whose timesheet needs to be entered.
    You can create an dummy email id for each of them like
    Also, Creating a Client, Project and a Task are mandatory to enter the timesheet. If you do not have projects in particular you can just create a dummy client and a dummy project and dummy task (example : client=TTI Sports Internal, Project = All projects, Tasks = Daily Tasks).
    While creating the project select the foreman as the project manager and assign the rest of the employees to the project team. This way when the foreman logs in to his account he can enter the timesheets for the rest of his team.

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