FAQ’sCategory: OfficeTimer HelpDoes OfficeTimer also take screenshots of the computer while tracking time?
OfficeTimer Support Staff asked 4 years ago

We are having major issues with the new rollout. Many functions are not working and settings are not retained as they should have been

1. Our holidays are nowhere to be found that we entered in for 2017\2018

2. Open up a report like our custom Detailed Timesheet report. The options are all messed up. They go vertical, not horizontal anymore

3. When I took my week of vacation in September IT IS STILL showing up that I have not submitted a timesheet. It was approved! When will that be fixed?



2 Answers
OfficeTimer Support Staff answered 4 years ago

No, it doesn’t take the screenshots. Please let me know if you have any questions.

OfficeTimer Support Staff answered 4 years ago

We have updated all of your Employees Holiday Type as Canada now so that all can see holiday’s in timesheet what is defined under Canada holiday type.