FAQ’sBlock Timesheet for a period
kiran kumar Staff asked 5 years ago
I need to know whether we have an option of locking the time sheet for every two days. I need to view report of everyday timesheet entry of all the employees, guide me on the same.
1 Answers
kiran kumar Staff answered 5 years ago

We have an option called¬† ” Lock All Previous Timesheets” and “Lock All Next Timesheets” please follow the below steps.

Go to Master Data –> Click on Advanced Settings in that click on Working Days under Timesheet Setup¬

Click on Edit in Standard working day type select checkbox of¬†” Lock All Previous Timesheets” and “Lock All Next Timesheets”¬†and update at the bottom end. Please refer below the screenshot.

Now, previous & next timesheets are locked, it allows the user to enter only current week timesheet.