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This Employee Time Tracking System outlines individual tasks for all employees by setting milestones and timelines for the office activities and Managers can get to their employee time tracking in minutes, get their various reports at the click of a mouse.

 An online employee time tracking system makes sure the process is real time and changes are reflected immediately for instant tracking.


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OfficeTimer has a very user friendly interface and user adaptability is assured in less than a minute. With a swift employee time tracking system in your organization, you can manage and configure different aspects of timesheets.

  • Weekly Timesheet
  • Bi-Weekly Timesheet
  • Semi-Monthly Timesheet
  • Monthly Timesheet
  • Daily Timesheet
  • Import / Export Timesheet
  • Copy timesheet from a previous week
  • Copy activities from a previous week
  • Lock in-Approval / Approved Timesheet
  • Add own Custom Fields to Timesheet
  • Time Entry in Decimal or in Time Format
  • Capture cost center

    Why OfficeTimer?

    The employee time tracking software enables the user to track the time spent on an assigned project by simply selecting the project from the dropdown that they have worked on, select the task and enter the time spent on the activity. The user can keep saving the timesheet on a daily basis and then can submit the timesheet for approval at the end of the period.
    Tracking employee time has never been easier. With the employee attendance software in place, you can be rest assured that your corporate calendar will always be foolproof and easy to access. You can even integrate OfficeTimer to your biometric attendance system.
    The Software allows you to define minimum and maximum workable hours per day, which helps in streamlining workflow and creates a solid blueprint for managers to refer to. With the help of an employee management system, the data captured can be used to determine if the projected progress report is in line with the plan.

    Mexico Employee Timesheet Software

    "OfficeTimer is now an invaluable employee time tracking software for our company. Earlier we were blind as to how many hours were spent on our projects. Now everyone is assigned a definite set of hours per task and in this way we can keep track of how profitable a project really is. OfficeTimer is really easy to use and intuitive with a clean interface. The support team is great, always eager to listen and to solve any problems you may have"

    -Dimitri Limberopulos,CEO,
    Sumie Ideas, Mexico.


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    An employee time tracking software lets you set tasks for all your employees and monitor the amount of time spent on each task. With this software, you can lay out milestones and timelines for individual employees. The user can then track the amount of time spent on each project and since the system is online, all progress is tracked in real time.
    OfficeTimer is employee productivity measurement software helps your employees to increase productivity at work with clearly defined tasks that are expected to be completed within a specified time span. It, therefore, helps with procrastination issues by making your employees more focused on their tasks. By providing visual representation of the total time invested in a particular task, employees are able to gauge their own performances and identify areas that need improvement.
    OfficeTimer ensures how to measure employee performance based on the timesheets to suit your company needs regarding employee time tracking. The employee time sheets are available in weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, or daily types and can be easily configured according to your preference.
    OfficeTimer prides itself in being as customizable as possible in order to meet the varying needs of its users. Apart from laying out tasks for individual employees, you can also choose from the different types of timesheets that are available. Further, you can manage different aspects of the time tracking such as adding custom fields, capturing the cost centre, importing and exporting timesheets, copying activities and timesheets from previous weeks and so on.
    With the employee time tracking software, you and your employees can track the amount of time spent on each project. The data captured lets you assess how productive your employees are being and how profitable a project really is on the basis of the amount of time taken to complete it. The software also presents you with timesheets, expense and billing reports to help refine your future project plans for greater efficiency.
    OfficeTimerEmployee Time Tracking software aims to be a singular solution for all kinds of businesses. It has been specially designed so that it can be used by everybody- from individuals to organisations -to track the time taken for specific tasks set for the day and improve productivity through effective time-management.
    The employee time tracking system does incorporate a tool to monitor employee attendance as well. Using this tool, you can keep an eye on the amount of time they have spent in office by checking when they punched in and punched out, as well their leave records. OfficeTimer can be easily incorporated to a biometric attendance system as well, thereby adding more depth the attendance data captured.
    OfficeTimer is very easy to navigate. Users can track the amount of time they have spent on a project by selecting that project from a drop-down menu, choosing the task completed, and entering the time taken to finish it. This can be updated as regularly as required, and submitted for approval when the time set aside for the project is over.
    Absolutely! The Employee Time Tracking software trial lasts for thirty days and is free of cost. All you need is an email id and no credit card details are required. You can see how well the tool works for you and your employees before making a decision. Get your free employee time tracking trial here.
    OfficeTimer has developed apps for Android and iOS devices. The app can be integrated with your cloud-based OfficeTimer time tracking tools to keep track of you and your employee time when on the move. The timesheet is updated in real time for instant tracking.

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