Having surplus resources, office space, the best talent, and leaders sometimes isn’t enough to produce quality work in an organization. Ever wondered why? Read on to know what your troops have been lacking.

A few days ago, a thread on Reddit read: ‘Here I am, brain as big as a planet, dressed as a cupcake. You call that satisfaction?’

Take a moment and put yourself in the shoes of the cupcake man and you’ll feel his agony. No! It’s not the cupcake makeover, it’s the level of satisfaction he got out of the entire fiasco. For an employee, job satisfaction means loving what you do. Well, the irony of life is— you always don’t get what you love. This is a scenario that thrives in all offices and hampers productivity in the long run. As an employer, you must make sure that your employees are satisfied and if they aren’t, find out what’s bothering them. Here’s a list of proven methods, cut-out for better employee productivity.

1 – We Are FAM-ily!

When I say family, I’m not talking about treating your employees like your siblings or parents. But, more like cousins and relatives. The deal with cousins and relatives is that you’ll be critical and affectionate towards them but will not stand any outsider treat them in the same manner. If you make an effort to show that you’re always going to look out for your staff, despite what you think of them, they’ll feel protected and watched over.

2 – Know What Drives Them

The source of motivation for every individual is unique. The need for money, knowledge, fame, food, a secured life, and many other reasons propel an individual to work. Identifying the source of motivation and building a support structure around it for your employees to learn on can be beneficial to maximizing productivity.

3 – You Are The Light

If there’s anything worse than not doing anything, it’s not knowing what to do. Stress, anger, and frustration can build up instantly if an employee is oblivious. This is where you step in. Make sure every employee is briefed on what he/she has to achieve within a time frame. When a personnel knows the objectives, productivity increases.

You must also chalk out an approach to train and retrain your troops so that they get accustomed to the work and avoid making mistakes.

4 – Bribe Or Bonus

There’s nothing like a bonus if you’re an employee. To be rewarded is a morale-boosting affair that affects productivity manifolds. It can be understood as reciprocation of the hard work and effort put to good use, or a gesture to slow down to avoid exhaustion. To sum it all, a great sign from an employer to his/her staff, acknowledging the contribution.

Thus, the power of a bonus is exceptional. Use it, don’t abuse it!

5 – You’re All Ears

You’re the boss, and yes, you must have the final say in all matters. But, make sure that everyone gets a chance to voice their opinions and suggestions. Employees understand this as a sign of their existence. You need to make them believe, that everyone is an integral cog in the organization. This raises the self-esteem of the employees, as they see themselves as important to the cause thereby influencing yield.

6 – Are You Even Human?

Life doesn’t revolve around the pending work and tasks at the office. A receptionist may rush every day after work to her home alone children or a janitor might drive taxis around at night to make ends meet. You, as the boss, must be respectful and compassionate towards the lives of your employees who leave everything aside to work under you.

7 – The Right Tools

toolsIf you’re providing salaries and demanding work to be done, make sure that the tools you provide for the job leave no room for complaints. Many people tend to slack off for not getting the right equipment. Don’t give them a chance.

8 – It’s Okay To Ask

A big reason why productivity takes a toll is that employees do not ask questions or clear doubts on the problems they face during work, and make decisions on their own. They do this when they’re petrified or lack knowledge in a particular area. Your job as the employer is to encourage questioning—right or wrong. They must realize that the more questions they ask, the better is the end result.

9 – Be The Change

We’re all looking up to someone to emulate every time. This boosts confidence and gives a clear view of the goals to achieve. At the workplace, your employees are always going to be looking up to you. Always remember that you’re the leader of the pack and it’s your duty to lead as an example.

10 – Celebrate!


Celebrating achievements and accomplishments encourages efficiency, and boosts the performance of the soul and the mind. Take every achievement—however small or big—and revel in the success with your entire team.

You’ll be surprised at the results of a triumph.

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