Retaining good manpower resources and keeping them motivated enough is a challenging task for the HR department in any organization. Over the years the HR veterans have got together and analyzed the key factors that keep the employees empowered and cherished. Amongst them all, leave management policy emerged as a pivotal reason. It goes without saying that granting timely leaves and keeping a meticulous track can be a herculean task if done manually. Therefore, most often than not, the HR team is increasingly opening up towards adopting leave management software. 

Though it might sound weird, out of all the employee-oriented policies, leave policy and its sound implementation holds a critical space. This can be clearly established through an in-depth analysis of three common leave management scenarios that the HR department across the globe tackle on a day-to-day basis. Parallel to each of these scenarios, it is super important to understand how technology can intervene in bringing about astounding automation and delivering tremendous business productivity.

Scenario 1

Wasting of business-critical working hours in the computation of the leaves availed by the employee and resolving leave related queries.

Manual calculation of leaves availed by the employees across an organization can be the taxing job that eats away the time that can be otherwise used in business critical actions. Apart from this, resolving the leave related queries of each and every employee and sharing the leave policies individually causes delayed responses. This furthers employee frustration and eventually becomes of one of the causes of poor talent retention.

Technology Intervention

The adoption of online employee leave management software delivers tremendous value in offering a clear picture of the leave status to the employees.

Installation of leave management software offers every employee a personalized dashboard that reveals the clear status of all the leaves accrued and availed. This offers the HR department the bandwidth to focus on tasks and projects that are more vital. This automation offers relief from managing tedious spreadsheets and provides a leave history for each employee for ready reference. Additionally, the leave approval process becomes quite easier and smoother with speedy response mechanism through the well-designed workflow. With a robust inbuilt reminder mechanism, the system ensures that no approval request goes unnoticed.

Scenario 2

Lack of clear visibility on the availability of the resources impacted the project delivery thereby, impacting the client base and revenue generated.

The lack of clear visibility of available resources cause miscalculated project allocations that impact the quality of work in the long run. Miscalculations in resource forecasting significantly impact the project timelines and breach the trust of the client.

Technology Intervention

The implementation of an online project leave management system enables project managers clear visibility into available resources.

The leave management dashboard offers different features for the different user across the corporate hierarchy. While the executives and senior executives can view their detailed leave status, the managers can have a visibility of the availability status of the relevant resources with desired skill sets for the project. This empowers them to make well-informed decisions and to create strong backup support in case of an emergency during the multiple phases of project delivery.

Scenario 3

Manual calculations of the payroll based on the tediously filled spreadsheets can be faulty thereby costing the company heavily. Manual leaving tracking process can be replete with errors. Many a time, intentionally or unintentionally, if a leave does not get documented, it can cost the company. Typically payrolls are calculated at the end of each work cycle and most of often than not, it is the Leave without Pay that causes the maximum miscalculations.

Technology Intervention

The adoption of leave tracking software helps in the accurate documentation of each and every leave as per the employee rank and the leave category. This supports the HR department in maintaining leave records for every employee and tracks their paid and unpaid leaves. The workflow ensures that the attendance sheet with leave status be fetched easily into the payroll calculation mechanism. This enables in the accurate calculation of the employee payroll thereby, arresting the unwarranted cost to the company.

In a nutshell, the leave management software empowers the business by:

  • Establishing an ecosystem of compliance when it comes to leave policies across the organization
  • Delivering a clear picture of leave policies to each and every employee with a single click
  • Registering and documenting each and every leave availed and maintaining at all times, a clear balance sheet of leaves
  • Simplifying the leave approval process and minimizing scope for employee dissatisfaction
  • Maintaining a record of the leave history of every employee in the organization
  • Supporting the HR department inaccurate calculation of the employee payroll
  • Offering intuitive dashboards to executives belonging to different hierarchies
  • Offering the ease of accessibility anytime anywhere

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