Nitin Mittal
A Chartered Acct. with impeccable academic credentials.
Senior Manager, Assurance and Risk Advisory at Perfect Accounting .and shared services Pvt. Ltd.,
Nitin advises a diverse set of clients ranging from companies, NGOs to University, both in India and US.

Tell me something about Perfect Accounting and shared services, please.

We are a prominent Chartered Accountant and advisory practice based in Delhi. We offer multiple services ranging from facilitating global entities set up shop in India, Corporate Advisory services to HR support and payroll management services.  Our growing clientele from various countries is serviced by 25 Chartered Accountants, 10 Company secretaries, and a huge bank of accountants.

Since when are you using OfficeTimer? What features influenced you to go with OfficeTimer?

We are using Office Timer for 3 years.  We choose OfficeTimer since it was so simple and easy to learn. Executive and Partners alike are equally comfortable using it. Training new employees is not a time-consuming process.  The cost was another important factor. Office Timer integrated time sheet provided us the functionality required, right off the shelf at a competitive price. We were up and running within no time.

Isn’t it unusual for a CA practice to be using Timesheet software?

We advise and facilitate overseas clients, who are billed by the number of hours worked. Integrated Timesheet software is an efficient way to keep track of hours, and billing is also taken care of.  In fact, I will recommend Office Timer to anyone who bills clients on an hourly basis.

What kind of process/productivity improvements have you accrued from   OfficeTimer Timesheet software?

The reports from Office Timer are used for annual performance appraisals.  This keeps the process objective, and unbiased. Reports are flexible and easy to customize. The ROI from Office Timer is quite tangible.

How do you rate customer support?

On the rare occasion I have called, response time was excellent, and queries addressed swiftly.

You manage so many clients in the country and overseas. What is your secret sauce to time management and meeting deadlines?

I answer all emails the same day religiously.  This one habit has helped me to stay on top of deadlines and have a productive day. Helps to go home with a clear head, and a plan for the next day.

  1. Easy to use both by executives and partners. Cost – influenced buying
  2. Clearly shows productivity and is the basis of annual performance appraisals, promotions.

Profitability mgt. Eady to know resource cost.

  1. Customer support  Hardly any downtime. On the occasion called always got a timely response.
  2. Mobile app. Not used as an important feature is missing.
    Needs Clientwise project wise data.
    He is happy to use ones this is available.

Most Important. I asked if he would recommend it to clients.  He has agreed for me to send an email about OfficeTimer to him to be whetted. If he is ok send it to potential clients.

Perfect Accounting is a sizeable Delhi based Accounting & Tax Advisory practice comprising of 25 Chartered Accountants, 10 Company secretaries and a huge number of accountants to cater to its ever increasing client base.

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