“OfficeTimer Time tracking software with project management, leave management, and billing improves profitability by increasing productivity in simple and easy ways. “ Rajiv Pradhan, Sr. Director – Global QA at Skillnet Solutions Inc

It’s a crucial yet challenging metric for any business to understand how productive the workforce as compared to the hours being put in.  This metric is the Holy Grail in a service-oriented industry like software, be it an in-house software project, new product development, fixed bid or time and material project.  Choosing the right timesheet software that can be used as stand-alone or integrated with other systems makes this challenge easy to overcome. It also turns this challenge into an opportunity for a Plan-do-check-act continuous improvement cycle.

A virtuous cycle of continuous improvements has manifold benefits when it permeates the working culture, and forms the DNA of the organization.  This case study presents a few OfficeTimer clients whose productivity is well aided by OfficeTimer solutions.

SkillNet is a 300 plus strong e-commerce Solutions Company in the retail vertical. SkillNet provides end to end retail solutions, and its clientele includes many global brands. SkillNet is headquartered in Silicon Valley and has offices across the globe.

3 years ago SkillNet struggled with completing customer invoices on time. After the initial study, it was observed that timesheets of SkillNet employees who work on various customer projects were not filled and submitted on time.  As a result, customer invoicing was getting delayed, this, in turn, hurt revenues. SkillNet evaluated various timesheet management solutions based on an elaborate 8 point criterion. SkillNet as the No.1 Oracle Retails Stores global partner selected OfficeTimer since it scored on all points.

  1. Ease of use in logging, tracking employee time and managing timesheets process
  2. Configurable solution to meet our unique business needs
  3. Ease of adding new customers and projects
  4. The simplicity of creating timesheet reports with few clicks
  5. Straightforwardness in applying for time-offs and enforcing our time-off policies.
  6. Use of past timesheet data to prepare new project estimates
  7. Cost
  8. Tech Support

Rajiv Pradhan, senior director of SkillNet opines about strengths of OfficeTimer. It helped to solve our problem of on-time customer invoicing by allowing logging time from any location and creating timesheet reports on demand.

  1. Tracking time, managing resources on various projects, managing team expenses and creating timesheets meets our unique needs.
  2. OfficeTimer is a SaaS-based online solution, which helps in logging time and approving timesheets from any location.
  3. It is possible to configure OfficeTimer very easily using intuitive its Admin User Interface.
  4. It helps in tracking and monitoring projects and its resources as well.
  5. Speedy support provided by OfficeTimer Support team is commendable.
  6. Simple time-off interface which facilitated us in enforcing our time-off policies. “




Intellixs is a consulting and software development company that provides services to healthcare, information technology and government sectors across the country. Services include customer-centric roadmaps, strategic consulting, business intelligence, application development, all levels of testing, QA, and application support.  Its head quartered in Silicon Valley with multiple office locations spanning the country.

The team consists of highly experienced business and technology consultants who have on average 15 years of experience who assist clients in identifying business opportunities and building solutions through technology and client collaboration.


OfficeTimer makes it simple for their employees to post time, and understand what projects and activities need to be tracked.  The out of the box report capabilities makes it easy to track time at both project and resource level. OfficeTimer feature that tracks time between billable and non-billable time provides clarity and visibility as to how efficiently resources are used. The time sheets offer an objective bench mark to reward performance, identify areas for improvement, and a ready reckoner for future projects.


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