Geo tagging refers to the process of adding a geographical tag to an object. In simple words, it is a growing trend of attaching a geographical identification on any physical substance. For instance, let’s say that there are many salesmen or field staffs who work for your organization. The employer provides these staffs with a set of targets that they need to achieve within a period of time. And in order for them to be able to do so in an efficient manner, it becomes important to track their activities. And tracking does not essentially have to be a deep micro-management strategy. It can simply be a great way to instill accountability and responsibility in the minds of your employees.

How does Geo tagging with OfficeTimer work?

Here’s a little detailed insight on the functional aspect of OfficeTimer’s geo-tagging feature. Our Geo tagging app plays a pivotal role in ensuring efficiency of this feature.

Step 1

You first begin by signing up with OfficeTimer and creating an account for your organization (or you field staffs). For instance, if your organization has a Sales Department with on-field sales personnel, your OfficeTimer account would consist of the Manager (as admin) and the staffs (as users).

Step 2

Each of the field staffs will need to login to the OT mobile app with the login credentials that they receive upon account creation. Moreover, this app is compatible on all versions of Android and iOS.

Step 3

Now, your staff is at the location of Client A. The geo tagging feature enables the Manager to know their location, location report time and task completion time as and when it occurs. This transparency makes it convenient for employees to go on with their tasks with responsibility and a sense of accountability.

Significance of Geo tagging

The Geo tag feature becomes crucial for on-field operations. This feature is almost like an in-office time-sheet, except it is used outdoors. Moreover, it typically means tracking your geography. Here are a set of obvious significance of the Geo tagging with OfficeTimer feature and how it can help.

  1. Ensured transparency between employees & manager.
  2. Track every move of your sales and on-field employees.
  3. Since it is difficult to tamper with the GPS, the dashboard and report on the Geo tagging app acts as a valid proof to clients and for organization.
  4. This also plays a role with the operations analysis to understand the time duration spent at a client’s location.
  5. Manager receives a consolidated report that states the whereabouts of the sales staff.

Who needs Geo tagging?

Mobile Geo tagging with OfficeTimer is nothing if not convenient. Designed and created with the aim of providing Managers a great platform to evaluate performance and operations. Moreover, the geo tagging app can be the reason for reduced dispute between Managers and the sales staff. If you think geo tagging is not useful for your organization, you’re probably mistaken or maybe not! Here’s who can make use of it.

  1. Sales manager who want to know the whereabouts of their employees.
  2. On field sales staffs who run errands.
  3. Operations inspectors who visit the fields to provide operational support.
  4. Field spot checks done in order to ensure quality. Brands like ITC, Bounce and Yulu could benefit to a great extent.
  5. Market researchers who interact with customers and consumers on a daily basis.
  6. Moreover, sales personnel who analyse operations of retail stores.
  7. Business development staff who visit prospects and initiate a sale.
  8. Staffs who visit multiple clients in a day to provide demos and customer support.

There are a set of aspects to look out for before you adopt a mobile geotagging feature. One such element that you need to consider is the GDPR Compliance. Once you know that the app respects your privacy, you are good to go ahead using.

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