The key to driving productivity and innovation in any organization lies in how well tedious business processes can be automated and the focus redirected to business-critical functions.  One such time-consuming task is tracking the employee attendance and calculating the exact billable hours of work. For an HR department, the main focus should be on hiring skilled resources and the entire process of onboarding can be challenging and generating a positive work culture driven by policy compliance, ownership, and cross-departmental camaraderie. Currently, with most of the resources either working from home or remote locations, it has become increasingly difficult to have an exact picture of the employee working hours. In order to join all the dots and bringing in all elements of productivity in harmony, an enterprise is now adopting an attendance management system.

So, the question arises how does automating the employee attendance impact the overall business? To understand this, let’s take a quick look at some of the functions rendered by the time & attendance software and they are:

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1. Automate employee attendance tracking for time-saving- Recording the employee attendance through an ordinary punching system can be tedious and faulty. With always a possibility of ‘buddy punching’, the simplified non-biometric systems are a passé when comes to measuring productivity against billable hours. The modern attendance marking systems integrated with biometric functions that are increasingly accessible from anywhere and highly compatible with various platforms.  This arrangement makes the employee time & attendance marking a simplified and error-free process.

2. Deliver employee satisfaction- Automating employee attendance can usher in a sense of fairness amongst the peers and helps the HR team calculate the accurate billable amount in case of those freelancing or working remotely. This also supports the HR team to focus more on people issues closely and deliver the best support.  Additionally, the attendance management system enables employees to get immediate approvals for emergency leaves through an approval notification system.

3. Encourage adherence to compliance- Attendance management system gently drives compliance to organizational leave policies. The automation brings in an accurate calculation of both the paid and the unpaid leaves that can be availed by an employee. It also has notification functions that send immediate notifications to both the HR manager and the employee once a leave has been availed or applied for.

4. Reduce unnecessary cost- Misreporting of working hours incurs losses to the employers and minimizes human errors in calculating employee payroll.

5. Usher efficiency in people management functions- With attendance marking automated systems in place, the employees become more aware of their working hours. The reports generated also help employees in recognizing issues that bring down productivity and helps them improve their processes.

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In order to derive all the above-mentioned benefits, it is important to consider some of these important features that a Bio-Metric Attendance Software might have or might not have. These are:

  1. Time Tracking options that help in recording time through multiple devices
  2. Intuitive dashboard and user-friendly UI
  3. Easy integration with other enterprise applications
  4. Features to record accurate time, employee schedules  and PTO management


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