In an era where automation has become a buzzword, organizations are in a perpetual quest of finding ways to automate as many processes as possible. Leave management is no exception. Gone are the days when employees had to do all sorts of manual paperwork to get their leaves approved. In today’s fast-paced technologically driven workplaces, adopting such a method is out of the question. That’s how the idea of a leave management system took birth. So, what is a leave management system, and how does it help employees and employers?

Consider a scenario where you want to apply for a 3-day leave. If you follow the traditional approach, you will drop an email to your manager. The manager will check the workload in the project and your leave balance. Based on that, he will approve your leave through email. Isn’t this process cumbersome that requires a lot of manual work? It is, indeed. Now, suppose you could apply for your leave by just accessing an application on mobile or on the dashboard

wherein you and your manager can track data regarding your leave. This will make the whole process simpler and faster. That’s what a leave management system does. It facilitates an automated interface where leaves can be applied, approved, and tracked with great visibility.

So, leave management system can be defined as the process of managing employees’ leave requests in a fair, accurate, and efficient manner. Leave management software facilitates the automation of leave requests and leave the approval process, making the job easier for both employees and management.

Some of the salient features of a leave management system are as follows:

1. Dedicated Dashboard

Leave management dashboard lets employees check their available leaves and status of the leave requests. Leave management dashboard gives managers access to their employees’ leave balance.

2. Editable Fields

Leave policies and procedures are different for different organizations say, some organizations have 5-day work week while others have a 6-day work week, some organizations offer paternity leave while others don’t have such provision. Leave management system accommodates these differences by facilitating manual configuration of various fields like total working hours, holiday list, and types of leaves. This helps organizations to set up a leave management system as per their policies.

3. Efficient Payroll Management

With the automated leave management system, the chances of human error in keeping track of leaves reduces significantly. This makes payroll management efficient and less time-consuming.

4. Mobility

One of the biggest advantages of a leave management system is mobility. With the cloud-based leave management system, you can apply, modify, or reject leave anytime anywhere on your mobile screen. Thanks to cloud technology!

5. Impeccable Integration

Leave management system is not a stand-alone system. It is flexible and can be integrated with payroll management and timesheet management system to enable a seamless flow of information.

Having mentioned a few offerings of the leave management system, I would culminate this article by reiterating that leave management system is indeed a great facility that

should be adopted and harnessed to the benefit of the organization to have better productivity and improved decision-making.

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