Officetimer Leave Management System

This post summarizes some of the main features of Officetimer Leave Management System and the key advantages of using this system.

Feature of Officetimer Leave Management System

  1. Easy login and setup – The Officetimer Leave Management System is as easy as signing up with email id and password and setting up the TimeOff policy with a plethora of features. You can signup for Officetimer Leave Management System by browsing to this link OfficeTimer
  2. TimeOff Types – Each time off type is a leave type with associated set of features that can be added to the leave system. Time off types can be Holiday, Sick Leave, Vacation, Compensatory Off and many more
  3. TimeOff Policy – Each Time Off type can be set to have Effective date, Initial set to days, Earn days, Earn period, Reset at, Reset days, Maximum available days, Sandwich leaves with working days, allowance for negative balance of leaves, restricted time off  and so on.The Time Off policy can be assigned to the employee at the the time of creation of employee record or edited later.
  4. Holiday Calendar List – The Officetimer Leave Management System has an intelligent system to generate a country’’s annual Holiday calendar list automatically which can then be assigned to the employee.
  5. Approvals – An approval hierarchy can be set up for multiple approvals by different approval types. Also, parallel approvals can be set up if the HR or any other person just needs to be intimated about the leave application.
  6. Email Notifications – The manager or HR person can be set to get email reminders about approval or rejection of leave right in their inbox. Email notifications can be set up to be sent hierarchically as well parallelly upto five levels. This helps smooth management of leaves for the employees as well as the managers and HR personnel.
  7. Dashboard – The employees can view the Leaves taken and leaves remaining in the system via graphs in the dashboard itself.
  8. Reports – The system generated reports are TimeOff Hourly report and TimeOff daily report. The TimeOff hourly report plots various leave properties against hours of the day to show an hourly formatted report. Similarly, the TimeOff daily report shows the leave data day wise. 

Key advantages of Officetimer Leave Management System

  1. Fast setup – The Leave management system is just so easy to set up and be on the go in a couple of steps after sign up. Just create the time off policy and assign it to the requisite user.
  2. Hassle free leave management – There is no need to keep track of complicated excel sheets to track time offs but the anywhere available cloud based Officetimer suite frees you up from the hassle of maintaining excel leave databases too for different users.
  3. Multiple leave policies – Different leave policies can be created for different states or North India and South India based on the festivals that are celebrated in different regions
  4. Mobile app – OfficeTimer suite provides an easy to use mobile application that can be used by anyone from novice to expert in a few simple steps. Leave management can be done remotely and on the go as per requirement, with notifications being sent to the manager and respective HR person for approval.
  5. Employee management – The OfficeTimer Leave Management System brings about a semblance of order and rigor into workforce management thus achieving both short term and long term goals of the organization no matter where one is located geographically.
  6. Other features of Officetimer Office Suite – When the leave management system is used with other Officetimer Office Suite features like timesheet and project management, attendance management, expense management and billing software, one can really make out the difference in execution of management strategy to go in the right direction for the entire organization. 

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