An online leave management system is a multi-functional platform that handles all employee leave requests while ensuring easy functioning of their operations. It will be difficult and time-consuming for managers to make sure employees’ loyalty to company leave policies and handle employee requests. Moreover in the larger companies, leave applications must be managed on a daily basis. The process for approval involves investigating into the employee’s history to view the leaves already used and the leave that is available for them. Using online leave management system, it would be easy for HR managers to manage these processes. This saves a lot of time to HR manager and management. The accepting or rejecting of a leave application would only be a click away. Such a programmed process would bring a lot of transparency and adherence to the company’s leave policy.

Accurate and Precise Information

With an online leave system, you can access more exact details about an employee’s leaves history. Moreover, it is a single step procedure versus manually recording and registering to put information together. It leaves too much room for human error. The online leave management system is also combined with online payroll program. It makes it very simple to generate accurate payslips.


The employer and manager both will have access to the employee’s leave history. Therefore it makes leave rejection and or leave approval more transparent in the company.

Creates leave policy awareness

The system manages leave policies per employee individually. There maybe a limit for minimum and maximum leaves an employee can take. Also, there maybe customized leave policies, such as number of days prior to applying for long leave, holiday calendar management per location etc. Employees can access this information at any time.

Increases leave policy compliance

You can customize the online employee leave management system for each company depending on their leave policies. It  ensures agreement with the policy as the rules will be in-built. Furthermore it allows managers and employees to avoid the rules or apply favoritism when requesting approval for leaves.

Creates employee availability visibility

Managers needs to understand how many team members he/she needs to fulfill deadlines efficiently. An online leave management scheme allows executives to view trends and leave employee information. It helps them to reject or approve applications for leave during critical delivery moments of the project.

Adherence to the law

An online leave management software allows employers to comply with employees’ labour legislation. Without such a system, employers fail to meet complex labour laws. Moreover, it leaves them accountable to liability.

Encourages Discipline

Since this is a transparent system, it meets local labour laws and business policies. Additionally the system can be readily understood by both executives and staff alike. This increases accuracy and promotes the company’s discipline. You can anticipate better attendance rates from employees since they are now more aware of the implications of failing to follow business policies.

Thus an online leave management software and biometric attendance helps businesses save time and money. The biometric participation also promotes discipline and law enforcement. Moreover it offers transparency and visibility of worker accessibility and enhances compliance.

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