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"OfficeTimer Timesheet Software has helped us increase our employees’ productivity by over 15% and increase our billability by as much as 10%. OfficeTimer is the best Time Tracking Software priced attractively."

How can OfficeTimer Employee Timesheet Software using Time Tracking help increase my company's profits?

Using OfficeTimer Timesheet and employee time tracking software, you and your employees can track the amount of time spent on each project. On the basis of your planned efforts and the actual amount of time taken to complete a project OfficeTimer Timesheet Software will let you assess how productive your employees are being and how profitable a project really is. The software also presents you with timesheets, expense and billing reports to help refine your future project plans for greater efficiency.


How can I use a timesheet software to increase accountability of my team?

By using an employee timesheet software you can plan out projects with a clear timeframe and helps your employees stay focused. Using a timesheet, individual employees can be assigned tasks with a fixed timeline.This allows for a visual representation of their productivity, making them more accountable as these timesheets must be updated in real time and submitted for approval at the end of the time assigned for the project. 

Can OfficeTimer online timesheet software help me manage Fixed Bid projects better?

There are different types of timesheets that you can set such as the daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly that can be used for time-sensitive projects. The timesheet software lets you set milestones to be met and specify the time frame for each these tasks. Employees can then keep an eye on how much time they are devoting to each task in order to complete the project on time.

How does OfficeTimer time tracking software help with increasing employee productivity?

OfficeTimer Employee Time Tracking software helps your employees manage their time effectively with clearly defined tasks that are expected to be completed within a specified time span. It, therefore, helps with procrastination issues by making your employees more focused on their tasks. By providing visual representations of the total time invested in a particular task, employees are able to gauge their own performances and identify areas that need improvement.

I use my phone for most of my office work. Does OfficeTimer timesheet software have mobile apps?

OfficeTimer has apps for Android and iOS devices to make it easy for you to track your employees time online instantly. The app can be integrated with your cloud-based OfficeTimer time tracking tools to keep track of your and your employees’ time when on the move. The timesheet is updated in real time for instant tracking, without any fuss.


After evaluating 10 short listed timesheet software OfficeTimer came on top. We are using OfficeTimer since 3+ years, and we are happy that we made the right choice.


Most of us feel like we keep track of time quite efficiently even without using a Timesheet Software. Evidence however, suggests otherwise. Using a time tracking software can really help build productivity and help you create a more systematic workflow of things by tracking exactly where you are losing pace. Time tracking and timesheet software can drastically affect your team’s productivity and make them a lot more effective at the workplace.

Officetimer is a time tracking software that helps you manage time more efficiently with a clean and easy to understand interface. Whether you need to manage expense, or your projects, we make sure Officetimer is your go-to application.
We strive to provide a singular online solution to businesses worldwide. Time Tracking Software is pivot to all our services.We specialize in Timesheet management, leave management, project management, task management, expense management, purchase management and client billing management, among other services.
We believe that the proof is in the pudding. Our customers go on record to say that OfficeTimer has helped them increase their employee productivity by over 15% and also increase their billing by as much as 10%. We make sure we give you the best at a fraction of our competitors' price. Go ahead and compare us with all other time tracking software and know it for yourself.

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Which is the one time tracking software that is best suited for you?

A fundamental quality that sets OfficeTimer apart from the rest is the fact that it is specially designed to help everybody. Whether you are an organization or a freelancer you could individually track your tasks for the day or could create different users as an organization while keeping tabs on them individually.

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"We found OfficeTimer among a list of Online Time Tracking Software recommended by BDC. This is the best tracking system with everything we have been looking for. Thank you for exceeding our expectations! We have so far been very impressed with the service and help offered by OfficeTimer and we would like to express our gratitude for the excellent service we have received from their team. Thank you so much for your outstanding professional service and support!  We would have no hesitation recommending OfficeTimer. This is a must for professional services firms and project-based businesses."

Kate Phung, Accounting, Vircom Inc, Canada

"Our needs for a timesheet software were elaborate and we evaluated multiple products in this space. OfficeTimer had a lot of depth in their solution that other products could not provide even at a significant cost. Their team has also been very responsive in supporting our needs. We are currently in the process of using OfficeTimer for our expense tracking as well. OfficeTimer timesheet software is an integral part of our daily routine and we are very happy to have found a tool that works for us."

Ajay Rama, Chief Analytics and Delivery Officer, iQuanti, USA & India

"Officetimer has proved to be a very useful and essential software for us and has eased our office management routines. By automating the timesheet, leave and expense approvals of 250+ of our staff, the hours spent in manually submitting and tracking has been completely eliminated, thus brining in efficiency and orderliness to our project process. With right pricing and great support from the Officetimer team, we firmly believe we made the best choice choice among online timesheet and project management softwares."

Rajiv Pradhan, Senior Director, SkillNet Solutions Inc, USA & India


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