Our Office Management Apps

Define timelines for projects and employees

Make sure everyone is on the same page with clearly defined timelines.

Makes keeping tabs on efficiency a breeze.

Accurate Timesheet Calculations

Generate various types of Timesheets such as Weekly Timesheet, Bi-Weekly Timesheet, Monthly Timesheet, Daily Timesheet.

Identify bottlenecks early, and restructure for smoother workflows.

Dramatically improve productivity with OfficeTimer

Itemised Timesheets which allow each employee and manager to ensure productivity.

Transparent appraisals based on Timesheet data motivate hard work and sincerity.

Unlimited leave types

Define an unlimited number of leave types.

Customise leave types based on labor laws of your region.

Accurate Leave calculations

Our accrual engine will accrue leaves weekly or monthly based on your settings.

Customize deductions for sandwich leave and other type of leaves based on your company policy.

Upload supporting documents

Use our versatile mobile app to upload travel documents, medical notes along with your leave requests.

Employers can use the same app to sanction leaves for employees.

Fully customizable Expense Sheet

Whether you are a big firm or a freelancer, fully customize your Expense Sheet to suit individual needs.

Classify expenses as billable or non-billable.

Capture Expenses On The Move

Use our Mobile app to Attach Bills and Invoices

Get instant expense approvals using our mobile app.

In-built Currency Exchange Calculator

Work with multiple currencies, define a home currency, and perform easy conversions.

Import/Export expense sheet on various platforms.

Expense management software

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Integrate OfficeTimer with your Biometric System

Get real time alerts and notifications on your teams' entry to and exit from work

Flags raised for habitual defaulters.

Prevent unauthorised entry

Instant alarms raised if unauthorised entry is detected.

Can initiate system lockdown of sensitive data in case of a breach.

Define the frequency and duration of breaks allowed

Customised break times and duration for each set of employees.

Get real time alerts if employees take longer or frequent breaks.

Employee attendance management software

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Manage Projects of all sizes with multiple clients

Attach unlimited project / task documents, manage/allocate funds.

Attach unlimited project / task documents, manage/allocate funds

Break down each project’s activities into tasks

Group all tasks by parent tasks.

Ensure project and task level security.

Gantt charts to check progress.

Compare the actual vs the desired progress of each aspect of your project.

Set up reminders and warnings if the progress is slow or a deadline is approaching.

Project management software

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Define an Unlimited number of tasks

Create an unlimited number of tasks and group them in multiple ways

Easily reflect the horizontal and vertical organisation of each project.

Set deadlines, milestones and urgency of each task.

Gantt charts for each task can be created allowing you to have each task completed within the set deadlines.

Capture task comments and relay communication related to each.

Group tasks as billable or non-billable.

Integrate tasks with Expense Sheets and update automatically.

Upload task bills using our Mobile app.

Task management software

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Billable vs Non-Billable expenses.

Classify each task, and each expense as billable or non billable.

Sync with the timesheet to aid in the billing.

Accurate billing in sync with Attendance and Leaves

It takes care of the number of hours you have clocked, any unpaid or half-pay leaves, and if you are falling short of attendance.

Easily integrable with Data from your Timesheet, Attendance, and Leave management systems.

Upload Bills and invoices from anytime, anywhere

Bills and invoices uploaded in a jiffy through the mobile app.

Classify official expenses as billable or non billable.

With OfficeTimer, Never suffer a staffing crisis.

Ensure that all your teams are adequately staffed.

System runs transparently to avoid the possibility of an employee-employer clash

Perform fair and transparent employee appraisals.

Integrate data from Timesheets, Project Management and Leave management systems to perform fair and transparent appraisals.

Decide who to give a raise, and who might need a warning at the click of a button

Cloud based solution keeps data secure.

By syncing data with the cloud, we have you covered. No more data losing nightmares.

Changes get reflected realtime, whether you use our desktop application or the mobile version.

Not Just a Timesheet


Officetimer is a time tracking software that helps you manage time more efficiently with a clean and easy to understand interface.


We strive to provide a singular online solution to businesses worldwide. Time Tracking Software is pivot to all our services.


Our customers go on record to say that OfficeTimer has helped them increase their employee productivity by over 15% and also increase their billing by as much as 10%.

Client Reviews


Our needs for a timesheet software were elaborate and we evaluated multiple products in this space. OfficeTimer had a lot of depth in their solution that other products could not provide even at a significant cost. Their team has also been very responsive in supporting our needs. We are currently in the process of using OfficeTimer for our expense tracking as well. OfficeTimer timesheet software is an integral part of our daily routine and we are very happy to have found a tool that works for us.

Ajay Rama
Chief Analytics and Delivery Officer, iQuanti, USA & India


We have been looking around for a simple to use time tracking software to track working hours of our team across different projects. After testing several other tools that were either bloated or missing required key functionalities, we came across OfficeTimer which does exactly what we want. The best thing: test it for free and if you run into any problems, support will be extremely responsive. So far I did not find anything better for my time tracking needs!

Benjamin Spiss
Managing Director, SUNFOX Games, Vienna, Austria


OfficeTimer was selected based upon the value it provides from both a cost and functionality perspective. To date, OfficeTimer has met or exceeded our time reporting and tracking needs. Office Timer is also easy to customize to meet the needs of our clients. We couldn’t have done better if we had developed our own customized solution.

Ronald “Ryan” Ong,
Intellix Solutions Inc.

Perfect Accounting

We chose OfficeTimer since it was so simple and easy to learn. Executive and Partners alike are equally comfortable using it. Training new employees is not a time-consuming process. The cost was another important factor. OfficeTimer integrated time sheet provided us the functionality required, right off the shelf at a competitive price.

Nitin Mittal
Senior Manager, Assurance and Risk Advisory at Perfect Accounting .and shared services Pvt. Ltd.


We found OfficeTimer among a list of Online Time Tracking Software recommended by BDC. This is the best tracking system with everything we have been looking for. Thank you for exceeding our expectations! We have so far been very impressed with the service and help offered by OfficeTimer and we would like to express our gratitude for the excellent service we have received from their team. Thank you so much for your outstanding professional service and support! We would have no hesitation recommending OfficeTimer. This is a must for professional services firms and project-based businesses.

Kate Phung
Accounting, Vircom Inc, Canada

Skillnet Inc

Officetimer has proved to be a very useful and essential software for us and has eased our office management routines. By automating the timesheet, leave and expense approvals of 250+ of our staff, the hours spent in manually submitting and tracking has been completely eliminated, thus brining in efficiency and orderliness to our project process. With right pricing and great support from the Officetimer team, we firmly believe we made the best choice among online timesheet and project management software.

Rajiv Pradhan
Global QA director, SkillNet Solutions Inc.

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